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E-Bulk Guide for Applicants


E-Bulk Guide for Verifiers


Online Payment -  If you are required to pay for an online application then the following cards are accepted:  VISA, VISA Debit, VISA Electron, MasterCard and Maestro  


CAS Online Payment Terms and Conditions



Guidance Notes on the DBS Update Service

Applicants who apply for a DBS check after 17th June 2013 (either online or using a paper form) will have the option of subscribing to the DBS' Update Service.  Please see your denomination/organisation's policy to check whether this is recommended and whether you can accept Disclosure certifcates from other organisations once that applicant has subscribed to the Update Service.


DBS Update Service - Guide for Applicants


DBS Update Service - Guide for Employers



Forms and Guidance notes for completing the paper DBS application forms



How to obtain forms



DBS Continuation Sheet 



Guidance notes for completing the DBS application form - updated June 2013



Guidance notes for completing the DBS application form pdf - updated June 2013



Quaker guidance notes for completing the DBS form   updated Nov 12



CAS form  updated June 2013               CAS form pdf   updated June 2013



Documentary Evidence sheet  updated Nov 2012      DES  pdf   updated Nov 12



Diocese of Oxford CAS form - updated June 2013



Diocese of Oxford Documentary Evidence Sheet - updated Nov 2012



Diocese of Oxford Guidance Notes for completing a DBS form - updated June 2013 



Sample DBS form



Welsh CAS form



Welsh Documentary Evidence Sheet



DBS Guide for applicants



CRB Code of Practice



Detailed Guidance Notes for Verifiers - updated June 2013



Detailed Guidance Notes for Verifiers Diocese of Oxford - updated June 2013



Checking Identity Documents - updated July 2013



Forms for Scottish PVG Scheme applications


CAS guidance notes on completing a PVG Scheme membership application


CAS guidance notes on completing an Existing PVG Scheme member application


CAS Scotland form for PVG applications


Documentary Evidence Sheet for Scotland


CRBS guidance notes on completing a PVG Scheme membership application


CRBS guidance on completing their checklists


CRBS Checklists




Welfare Part A


Welfare Part B


Care Part A


Care Part B


Health Part A


Health Part B



CAS Information leaflets


What is Safeguarding?


Safer Recruitment of Volunteers


Handling Unclear Disclosures



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Having trouble with the membership pack? You can also download individual forms and guidance from the membership pack by clicking on the links below:




CAS Membership Form




Verifier Declaration Form




Alternative Contact Declaration Form




CAS Memo and Articles of Association




Sample child Protection Policy




Sample Vulnerable Adults Policy




Sample Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy




Sample Document Storage Policy



  Policy Briefings and Information Sheets (click links to download) 


   Protection of Freedoms Act Update Spring 2013


   Protection of Freedoms Bill Update March 2012


  CAS Briefing on the proposed changes to the CRB and ISA (May 2011)


  Scottish Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) briefing (2009)




 Response to consultations (click links to download)




CFS Response to consultation on Scottish PVG and SSIs (2010)




Training materials (click links to download or to access website)


Recruiting Safely Presentation



Link to Children's Workforce Development Council's online resources



Useful publications (click links to download or to access website)



Changes to Disclosure and Barring (Home Office leaflet)



Drawing the line report on VBS:



DBS referral guidance  https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/dbs-referrals-form-and-guidance



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