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DBS Introduces Applicant-Only Cerificates and Online Update Service from 17 June 2013


On 17 June 2013 the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) will introduce changes to the way criminal record disclosure certificates checks are issued and how they can be used going forward. The new changes include an Applicant-only disclosure certificate and an Online Update Service.


Applicant-only certificates

From 17 June onwards, once a criminal record check has been completed the DBS will issue a disclosure certificate to the applicant but will no longer send a copy to the registered body as it currently does. This means that CAS will no longer receive a copy of an applicant's disclosure certificate, and will not be in a position to write to verifiers for clearance purposes. Your denomination is currently working on a procedure for handling applicant only certificates and will inform you about this in due course.


Please note that if an individual applies for a criminal record check using our online electronic application form, CAS will still receive electronic notification from the DBS that a disclosure has been issued and, depending on the policy of your denomination, we may continue our current system of informing verifiers and recruiters by email when a clear disclosure has been issued.


Online Update Service

The DBS will also launch an Online Disclosure Update Service at the same time as the applicant-only certificates come into effect. The Update Service will enable an individual to keep their DBS certificate up to date through an online status check rather than apply for a new disclosure when they move jobs. Employers will be able to carry out online status checks on the currency of an individual’s disclosure certificate with their consent. Subscription to the update service is free of charge for volunteers and costs £13 a year for paid workers. You can find out more about the Online Update Service from the DBS website at www.gov.uk/dbs. Please consult your denominational safeguarding policy for guidance on how to use the service.